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Revealing your full potential

Build a unique talent assessment process in minutes.

We leverage the knowledge of millions of worldwide profiles through state of the art Deep Learning in order to provide you with sharp predictions and smart analytics
Quick & Easy Setup
Connect your resume databases and choose the right job that fits your needs.
Exceptional accuracy & Low Effort
Never again miss a high potential and identify in a second the best candidates to meet.
Tailor-made models
We analyze your employees' data in order to fit your expectations and corporate culture.
Secure & Scalable
We support billions of resumes while ensuring privacy by design.

Built to empower recruiters.

Riminder is the leading talent detection solution for a reason.
A few reasons, actually.

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"Riminder is one the few deep learning startups that successfully bridge advanced research with easy-to-use products that solve real problems."

Stéphane Mallat

ENS ULM, Académie des sciences

Innovative HR teams are solving their problems - ranging from recruitment to internal mobility - with Deep Learning and Riminder’s powerful talent recognition technology.