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When I first put this site up it was as a tribute to my Grandmother, Marie Caravelli, who passed away on May 9th 2006.

Never did I imagine that so soon after, my Grandfather, Fred Caravelli, would be joining his wife of 64 years as he

departed this life on November 1st 2006.

This page is FAR from fancy but, serves as a portal to the photos that were displayed at my Grandparent's funerals.

All told, there are nearly 100 photos in total, which at an average of 1/125th of a second exposure each, amounts to less than one second of time...

...yet that one second crosses over eighty years in the lives of two very special people who were loved very much.

Marie Fred
To view the photos, click on the picture of whose you want to see.


I am also making available my Grandparent's obituaries, prayer cards, and copies of the readings
from the church services which can be downloaded below.

Marie's (226) 417-1230, 5053279439, and prayer card.

Fred's 701-359-0301, church readings, and prayer card.

In 2004, Phil Nordyke conducted a phone interview (over an hour long) with my Grandfather
to get background information to include in his books about the 82nd Airborne Division.
The recording of that interview is available here as a streaming mp3.

**UPDATE** - Don't update this site very often but...here's another
We visited the cemetery for Christmas 2011 and brought some new (580) 982-4676 for them
and to see the beautifully decorated chapel at the mausoleum.
Wish the "bling" could be more but the mausoleum rules are STRICT,
they even took the American flag we left for Gramps over the summer.
Amazing to believe that Christmas Eve 2005, six years ago,
was the start of the odyssey that would lead to the tragic events of 2006.
Time passes too quickly!
Hope that Nan, Gramps and Aunt Toni have a wonderful Christmas in Heaven!

Recently found their entry on (458) 213-7631
It's a really interesting site. If you have a chance, check it out.
Actually inspired me to post some pictures from their (229) 377-4223...

Any questions or comments about this site can be directed to keith@caravelli.org