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Xperience Communication invites you to correspond with those who are incarcerated through pictures, emails via CorrLinks, phone calls, and visitation. Everyone deserves to have a social life. For the incarcerated, a pen pal can be an excellent stepping stone to a normal life outside prison walls.

At Xperience Communication, we connect prisoners who want to improve their lives and build new social networks with people on the outside who are willing to share news and be a friendly ear.

“There Are No Strangers Here. Only Friends Who Haven’t Yet Met.” - William Butler Yeats

With the U.S. being the world leader in incarceration - 2.2 million people are in prison or jail as of 2015 - and with a recidivism rate of 43%, there is a strong need for pen pals to build social bridges and prevent those released from returning to prison. Studies show that when prisoners maintain relationships and ties to the community, it greatly reduces the risk that they will recidivate.

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Photo Forwarding

We can also forward groups of photos to an inmate. Head to our Photo Forwarding page to upload, and we’ll print and mail them promptly.

  • Sold in $10 increments, $0.50 per photo.
  • No refunds.
  • No nude or sexually explicit photos.
  • No photos containing criminal activity (i.e. guns, drugs, gang signs)

Photos rejected by institutions for any of the above will not be refunded.
No less than 5 photos and no more than 25 photos will be mailed at one time.

Are you having trouble finding a loved one? Click through to and double check name spellings, addresses, and registration numbers with the federal database. Xperience Communication encourages you to always double check these items to make sure your communication goes to the right person. Xperience Communication is not liable or held responsible for any miscommunication which results from incorrect information given to us.

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Xperience Communication Helps Prisoners:

Stay Connected To The Outside
Improve Self Image
Break Routine
Develop New, Positive Social & Professional Networks
Raise Hope & Boost Morale
Focus Forward
Stay Out Of Prison

How You Can Help A Prisoner Turn Their Life Around

Open the door to the outside world. By corresponding with a prisoner through Xperience Communication, you can give them the socialization they need, and normalize their day-to-day life. Having someone on the outside will brighten their day and expand their horizons.

Nearly half of prisoners will return to prison after leaving. Having a pen pal is an excellent way to improve the chances they won’t return, and will instead continue to contribute to society and build a good life.

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