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Hey there! We have seen plenty of Spam mail campaigns carrying RTF document, which exploits infamous vulnerabilities to compromise end user machines with various malware. Now Let me Ask you something.. Were all the systems in your network patched for CVE-2017-11882, CVE-2017-8759 and CVE-2017-0199? If the answer is NO, you are prone to be compromised with […]



In this meet, Akhil Mahendra​​​ presented on “The Art of Executing JavaScript” , Monnappa K A presented on “Reversing and Decrypting Malware Communications” , Abhishek J.M presented on “Analysis of Android APK using Adhrit” , Sreelakshmi presented on “DeViL – Detect Virtual Machine in Linux” , Swaroop Yermalkar presented on “OWASP iGoat – A Learning Tool for […]



In this meet, Ashutosh Ahelleya presented on “Bit Flipping Attack on AES-CBC” , Monnappa K A presented on “Understanding Evasive Hollow Process Injection techniques” , Siddharth Muralee presented on “Dynamic Binary Analysis using angr” , Ajithkumar Vyasarao presented on “Security Challenges in D2D Communication” and Shivkrishna A presented on “S2E (Selective Symbolic Execution)” Here is the link […]