Designed by Industry Veterans

Decades of experience tapped to build the best soluton for your company.

Built for Your Business

Designed by service companies for service companies. We used our industry experience to build the service solution you always wanted.

Intelligent Cloud

Our system caches information intelligently to ensure you have access to the information you need onsite, without a connection.

Highly Customizable

Customize application images and logos, record the data you want with our form designer, and view your data with custom reports.

Cross platform

Access with all major browsers at the office or at a customer location with a tablet or phone running Android, iOS, or Windows 10

Manage your business

Our user friendly web application improves your workflow and reduces time spent on office tasks.

  • Combines wiki and document management functionality
  • Forms, reports, and branding customizable
  • Responsive design scales to fit your screen
  • Works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 11, and Edge

On your smartphone

Carry your company knowledgebase in your pocket. Access customer information and documents.

  • Take photos and videos and have them synced to the Cloud
  • Record GPS coordinates for locations that have no address
  • Get driving directions to locations on the service map
  • Works on Android, iOS (iPhone), and Windows 10 phones
Get Mobile Version

Take it onsite

Intelligent Cloud technology caches data base on activity to give access to data without a connection.

  • Custom mobile app designed for work in the field
  • Photos and videos sync to the Cloud automatically
  • Includes time clock and timesheet functionality
  • Works on Android, iOS (iPad), and Windows 10 tablets

The Right Tools

Experience finely crafted and well-tested tools on the Amp Onsite platform


The dashboard displays useful data and metrics. Get up-to-date with what is going on as soon as you log on. See who is online and the current work in progress.

Your Company

Keep track of your company facilities, locations, and equipment. Store company documents and list company contacts. Every page is a knowledgebase with wiki functionality.


Both wiki and document databases have been combined to create a powerful tool to keep informed about your customers. List contacts, store documents, images and videos, and keep notes. Document your customer facilities, locations, and equipment. Provide access to your knowledgebase for monetization or as a value added service.

Service Map

Our system figures out where your customers are located and places their headquarters, facilities, and locations on a service map automatically. Visualize the places you service. Going to a place with no address? Capture geolocations from your mobile device and add your own map points.


Store contact information for your company and your customers in a central location. Want to import or export from other systems? Our design allows integration with many platforms.


Utilize our advanced scheduler to plan workorder tasks and adhoc events. Easy drag-and-drop functionality allows you to handle scheduling without unnecessary data entry. Automate task scheduling to match your time estimates.


Enable your employees to track their time with the Timesheet app. Employees can time in and out on their mobile device and document their work. Timesheets can be reviewed and adjustments made on the web. Generate reports or export timesheet data for payroll.

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