Kapz 4 Nobz

Featured Kapz 4 Nobz Attenshun Boyz! Humie kultur is primitiv, and ugly. It iz only thru numberz and cheatin? they keep beatin? us in scraps. One of the wayz ?umies cheat is thru their big hats. Humies arn?t civilised like us Orks, but they obviously know dat a big hat means bizness. Usin? my kunnin?, […]

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Alongside all of the professionally painted miniatures and dioramas in the Warhammer World Exhibition, we also showcase amazing personal projects in Guest Displays. Chris Atkins is the latest hobbyist to loan us his Armies on Parade display for you to see. Chris’s creative process for this board started with an unfortunate event. After painting the pieces from […]

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Warhammer World is your hobby haven all year round, but at Christmas especially we try to provide you with superbly smooth services and lots to enjoy. If it’s time for your carefully planned annual visit, or if you’re passing by on the way to visit family and friends, you can enjoy a whole day or […]

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October 13th was Parade Day in Warhammer and Games Workshop stores around the world, and Armies on Parade at Warhammer World once again saw amazing collections of miniatures gathered together, with their creators happily chatting about their work. If you missed them on the day, you can see some of the entries in the Warhammer […]

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Your Guide To Dakka

Featured Your Guide To Dakka Lissen, up, ladz! Dakka! Since Orkish history began,* all of Ork-kind have looked for more of it. But what iz Dakka? Grobnek tells me a lot of you boyz used to be feruls, so still fink choppas and pointy sticks is the best of teknology.** Well, Dakka makes da pointy bitz […]

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You’ve waited with baited breath, and now we’re excited to announce the events in November we’ve hinted at, or so far kept hidden on our calendar! Tickets for all of these events are available now, so find out more and get your tickets fast.   PlayFusion Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions Weekender 3rd & 4th […]

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