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HAM Luncheon

Our next HAM Luncheon is TBD in the Meadow Lakes banquet room, @ NOON. We'll have a presentation and door prizes.

As always, Meadow Lakes Restaurant has a variety of inexpensive menu items for your enjoyment.

Meadow Lakes Golf Course
300 SW Meadowlakes Dr
Prineville, OR 97754

DIRECTIONS: Turn south on SW Meadow Lakes Drive from Highway 26, follow to the Meadow Lakes parking lot. Enter the Main building, we're in the banquet room, past the bar.

Meadow Lakes
WE7EZ Photo

Attention Net Controllers: Please download the latest Jef-Cro NetScript, currently January 15, 2019.

Please also download the SIMPLEX NetScript, currently November 12, 2018, for the net which is called on 146.500 MHz immediately following the Jef-Cro Net. When calling this SIMPLEX Net, be sure to ask for relays, and ask for alternate stations, at a higher altitude, to ask for checkins.

Schedule of Net Control Operators*:

December 10 - Ron, KF7RQD
December 17 - James, KD7NVM
December 24 - Nigel, W7/G1HOI
December 31 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!
January 7 - Carter, KF7APW
January 14 - Dave, W7KFO
January 21 - Shelby, N7SHG
January 28 - Nellie, KD7UNQ
February 4 - Tam, W7TAM
February 11 - Bob, K7UNP
February 18 - Dick, WA2KGB
Februrary 15 - Ron, KF7RQD
March 4 - James, KD7NVM

* Please arrange a substitute Net Control Operator if you have a conflict on your scheduled date.

Local Operational Events

No events at this time

Regional Events

No events at this time

Grizzly Mountain straddles Crook and Jefferson Counties. With a height over 5,600 feet, it is an ideal spot for a repeater, providing solid coverage to most of Central Oregon. Due to its prime location and height, Grizzly Mountain is "RF Central", hosting many Internet, radio, telephone, and television services.

The Grizzly Mountain Amateur Radio Repeater, N7CCO, is an open repeater, with an output frequency of 147.380 MHz and a PL tone of 162.2 Hz. (We also transmit a 162.2 Hz PL tone.) The repeater is used for casual contacts, public service events, and emergency operations supporting served agencies in Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson Counties.

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