We provide smart and low cost modern IoT and web solutions for organisations, cities and councils using IoT devices.

We help you establish an IoT ecosystem that both you and your community can use. Simply City client can increase their efficiency, lower risks or cut down on expenses.

We guide you with independent advice on the best way to set up your IoT framework.



IoT Networks

Simply City can help you set up your LoRa network. No reliance on WiFi or Cellular network. Leveraging on low cost sensors and long battery life solutions. 

IoT Development

Simply City can work with you to find the most effective way to solve your problem. We can often transform older expensive monitoring systems to low cost modern IoT solutions that can alert you when something is wrong and automatically generate work orders when needed.

IoT Integration

Our developers can use your existing systems and give them super powers. We can combine and visualise data for different systems to naturally reveal actions to be taken.