Choose your package based on your desired calorie intake.


Sit back as critically acclaimed chef Harry creates seasonal, nutritionally balanced daily menus for you to enjoy.


Your box of virtuous and delicious meals are delivered to your door before 7am. A stress-free, healthy way to fuel your busy day!

GOODNESS! is brought to you by Harry’s Kitchen…

Having spent the last 15 years catering for private clients and exclusive events all over the world, chef Harry was receiving ever-increasing requests from clients that wanted convenient super-healthy food daily without compromising on the gourmet standard they were used to.

To the delight of his customers, Harry launched GOODNESS! Working with nutritional therapists, Harry and his team design and create delicious, virtuous meals, snacks and drinks that get delivered daily to your door.

“Harry gives eating-in all the exactness, adventure, relaxation and fun of eating-out. His are quite the most sophisticated nibbles you’ll see outside a very posh restaurant”

Giles Coren. Times restaurant critic