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Become the leader of your industry by utilizing the latest technologies to gain an edge over your competition.

Data Intelligence

Data without analytics is useless. We specialize in turning data into information by discussing your business goals and providing you with key metrics in the form of visual reports and dashboards to give you the tools you need to dominate the competition.

Database solutions

Databases are the backbone of applications. Knowing this, a properly configured database is a must for business efficiency. We specialize in database design and optimization to provide you with consistent, normalized data storage for all your reporting and applications needs.

Web Applications

Web based applications can significantly increase productivity by providing accessibility over a wide range of devices, user friendly interfaces, increased levels of security and scalability.

Modernize Software

Outdated legacy software can prove to be a security risk, inflexible and lack functionality. Not to mention Maintaining this software ends up costing more than just replacing it. We can provide a scalable solution with added functionality using the latest cutting edge technologies built to last.

Data Consolidation

As businesses grow so do the number of their systems. In time this can result in fragmented data. Data silos limit the vision of your business, decrease productivity and data integrity and can lead to compatibility issues across systems. Contact us to see how we can help.

Hmi Optimization

Poorly designed HMI's have been identified as factors contributing to millions of dollars in lost production as well as accidents. We adhere to the ISA-101 standard to provide consistently exceptional results. Give us a call to see how we can optimize your HMI's.

Custom Software Development Lubbock Texas

innovation is key to growth

You may be asking yourself why should I choose Flowwyse?  

Custom Software Development Lubbock Texas

First, we believe communication is vital to success.

Communication and customer inclusion is critical to success which is why we use weekly demos to keep our customers informed.

Custom Software Development Lubbock Texas

Second, we outwork the competition

We work six days a week and meet all the specified deadlines to make sure your project is deployed on the target date.

Custom Software Development Lubbock Texas

Third, our team has seen it all

Our team has experience in all the leading technologies and has worked with multiple industries including manufacturing, healthcare and education.

Our development process:

We adhere to the 4D Methodology – Define, Design, Develop and Deploy in order to standardize our processes and deliver consistently exceptional results.

1. Define

This step involves meeting with the customer to agree on deliverables by defining a goal , establishing key objectives and discussing any obstacles.

2. Design

We then assign a dedicated team and propose a solution that will accomplish the defined goals.

3. Develop

Your dedicated team begins development of your application along with any training materials and documentation.

4. Deploy

During this stage training materials are delivered and the application is systematically brought into production and monitored.

Custom Software Development Texas

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Will custom software help you?

Well designed custom software can increase efficiency, usability and in turn sales and profits. Contact us and speak to one of our software engineers to see how we can help.​

Who owns the software?

You own the software. Before startup we will have an agreement set in place that assigns ownership to you once payment has been received.​

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