MedShift Match Is Great for Hospitals, Float Pools, Agencies, Nurses, CNAs & Other Healthcare Professionals


Streamline time sensitive communications and make data driven decisions based on accurate staff supply chain information that segments all of your staff supply options including float pools, agencies & independent contractors. Start by rolling out MedShift Match to your float pools and layer on the other options when ready.

Nurses, CNAs & Techs

Break the cycle of receiving 5am text messages blasts from your house sup scrambling to fill last minute shifts that don't pertain to you. Instead, put your shift preferences (including pay rate, facilities, dates, times, and shift type preferences) in the MedShift Match App and only get notified about those shift openings that fit your criteria. Now when you receive a notification you know upfront it is something you are interested in!


Get on "page one" when the hospital searches for staff. Let the hospital know right away that you have staff available to fill their needs. Plus by having your employees add their preferences ahead of time - you save the time and effort of having to track down who is willing and available on short notice. You still control the staff placement - it's just faster & easier saving time & money.

Independent Nurses

Work on your terms. Pick up shifts to earn money to do the fun things in life. Want a last minute shift? Want a shift on a holiday? You set your rate. You set your schedule. You pick your hospital. Medshift Match is revolutionizing medical staffing, and we want you to be part of it.



Healthcare Organizations - Increase Your ROI!

Medshift Match provides hospitals a platform for a smarter way to match shifts.


The Problem

Hospitals, does this sound familiar?

  • Filling short notice staffing needs is time consuming and inefficent
  • Blast message irritate your staff
  • Increasing medical staff shortages complicate the problem

Our Solution

The MedShift Match Platform

  • Save money per shift
  • Reduce time to fill shifts
  • Improved staff morale
  • Trackable communications
  • Analytics



Nurses, CNAs, Techs - Now You Have A Voice With the MedShift Match App

Let hospital administration know the shifts you are interested in before the house sup sends out that text message blast at 5AM. Reduce alert fatigue and recapture the work-life balance you want. Use the MedShift Match App to manage communications.


The MedShift Match App

So Easy To Use - Your Phone Is All You Need


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Agencies - Respond to Hospitals Even Before They Ask.

Let the hospitals you already work with know that you are ready to serve them even before they ask.

  • Access new staffing opportunities with your existing clients
  • Use MedShift Match manage your resource's work preferences.
  • Control communication flows without limiting staffing opportunities.
  • Let hospitals you aren't working with yet know that you ae ready and able to serve them.

Show Them You Are Ready.

Independant Nurse Contractors - MedShift Match Is Like Uber For Hospitals
And Nurses - You're In The Driver's Seat.

Set Your Own Pay Rate

With MedShift Match, you tell the healthcare facilities how much you want to be paid to work each shift. We charge the hospitals a lot less than staffing agencies so you can get more money per shift. (And, the hospital will still save money.) Everyone's happier

Control Your Schedule

Nobody knows your schedule better than you. MedShift Match lets you work as many - or as few - shifts as you like, where you like. We understand some weeks are crazy and others seem to have endless amounts of time. You pick when you want to work to earn some extra spending money.

Just One Job Application

Save lots of time, you only fill out one application form and then you can reuse it over and over. Upload your supporting information and credentials to one place. Then just click apply to send it to as many job postings as you like. You will save hours and hours.

Made For Today's Nurses

Work on your terms. Pick up shifts to earn money to do the fun things in life. Want a last minute shift? Want a shift on a holiday? You set your rate. You set your schedule. You pick your hospital.

We Connect Healthcare Organizations Directly With Nurses That Want An Extra Shift.

Our difference is our speed, free market pricing, and transparency.

Negotiate Your Pay Rate

You set how much you want to get paid. You can even change your mind and ask for more. MedShift Match saves hospitals tons of money vs our competitor, so even when you ask for more money - the hospital is likely still saving money.

No More Waiting Around

Instantly get notified via text message and email when a new shift is available that meets your criteria. Did your plans change, and you want to work a shift tonight? Great- MedShift Match is perfect for that. We even let you add a little reminder message for each notifcation, like Night out on the town, Fun trip, New Shoes, or Groceries!


Complete Transparency

You get to see everything about a shift before you apply, such as, the duration, location, wage offered (don't worry you can counter offer), and the exact facility. Plus you get to see how other nurses have rated working there, including their comments.

Total Schedule Flexibility

You are in charge of your schedule. Suddenly free tonight? Go ahead and pick up a shift and use that extra money to go on a trip next week. You work when you want and how often you want.

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