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A summer Love Story

Nick White battles through poverty and a one way love affair to become a millionaire, only to realize that he is alone and his life is still completely empty. Then Hurricane Sandy hits and he saves the life of a little girl, Laney, who loses her mother. Feeling responsible for the child's welfare, he invites Laney and her new guardian Tess, into his home, and experiences an unforgettable summer filled with joy, fun--and a little girl who saves the life of her terminally ill friend in a way that you will never forget.

A Killer Love Story

A Killer Love Story by Dennis James Browne

What happens when two of the most beautiful women in the world meet and hate each other on sight--but then are irresistibly attracted to each other? Unfortunately, several murders, including a class bully and Samantha's own father. Allison Patrick teams up with Samantha Stratton to try to free an innocent man for the murder of her father and solve Grant Cove's most baffling murders--until they find themselves pursued by the same killer!

A Killer Love Story

A Killer Love Story by Dennis James Browne
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What would you do if you saw a member of your family murder someone? Young Allison Patrick sees her wealthy Aunt Esther commit a murder, but she knows no one will believe her. Then, after a tragic twist of fate, Allison is forced to live with her only relative--Aunt Esther and her two evil twin daughters. She falls in love with Dusty, who warns her that Aunt Esther is out to kill her. Allison is terrified, but quickly grows up as both a witness and participant in a series of baffling murders that have shocking resolutions--and even then all the players are not who they seem.

Sample Chapters

A paranormal Potter
about the real life ghosts, wizards and
witches, and the repticon rulers in our own
fairy tale world.


Have you lost someone you love?
After the death of his daughter,
the author makes an amazing discovery--
scientific evidence that proves
life after death is a scientific fact!

A modern day Wuthering Heights with a
Mephistophelean twist...If you liked Holden Caulfield,
you'll love his evil twin, Miles Spaulding.

National Treasure meets Pulp Fiction.

Today's Wall Street and banking crooks are choir boys compared to the great Robber Barons of the Gilded Age--J.P. Morgan, Commodore Vanderbilt, J.D. Rockefeller, Daniel Drew--until Josephine Zacchariae, a twisted young street thief with killer looks teams up with Uncle Jiannos and his two Greek wards, Alexander and Niko, to outfox the greatest Robber Baron of them all--Jay Gould, the Mephistopheles of Wall Street!

Gould is furious when he finds out he's been conned, and Josephine and the Greek brothers are forced to flee for their lives to California--where they run straight into an Irish widow, Maureen O'Donnell, and the Riddle of the Lost Robber Baron Gold.

Widow O'Donnell and her teenage partners have thirty days to solve the riddle and find her dead husband Vito's gold, or his entire estate will fall into the hands of two evil bankers, whose ideas of foreclosure turn out to be far more medieval than Bank of America could ever dream of!.