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Dear charming girl

danja.org is a lab for furry girl (in mind) who have longed to be a real thing (would-be female? it is ok). If you are so, this site is the best place to talk of your desire / goal calmingly, especially for shy girl in large SNS.
You should be the protagonist on your story. No need vanity and the large stage for that.

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Kept Respecting

Even if your desire looked oddly, morbidly and/or perversely, I ensure to keep respecting it. I have always done so for everyone's tendency ever since established in 2003.

Lovely Projects

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Ecchi Furry Girl Suits

Persistent Sex Change

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Mockumentary of
a Bat Mononoke Clan

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Game Development

The Woofulverse
VR / AR etc

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3D modeling and Printing
Furry Girl Magazine etc

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