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Margit lives life with energy and passion which transfers in everything she does. An award-winning speaker with over 15 years of Public Speaking experience she can engage with any audience in an inspiring and positive way. As a trainer she has facilitated workshops in the corporate, health, community and private sectors. Margit believes everyone has the ability to learn the art of Public Speaking to enable people to better share their message. Her workshops are lively, fun and full of learning.

As one of Australia’s most experienced Life Coaches, for the past 13 years Margit has worked with hundreds of clients from around the globe in a one-on-one capacity as well as facilitating many group coaching sessions. Her clients see subtle and radical change because of the intuitive and healing aspects Margit brings to coaching. There is nothing more satisfying to her, than seeing her clients walk their lives with more peace, happiness and achieving their goals. Read more




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What’s your story
What’s your story
October 2, 2017
In a world of 8 billion people there are 8 billion different stories, all of them interesting in some way. It would be impossible to listen to all of them, so I want to hear your story. But ...
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September 18, 2017
Is it possible that there is a positive in every situation we face? The judgment of whether something is positive or negative comes solely from you, so for some people this will be possible ...
6 Tips to stop sabotaging yourself
August 2, 2017
1. Let Go of Absolutes: Saying or thinking, “I will never be able to do that,” or “I will always have these problems,” disempower you. It allows your external world govern your internal well
Find meaning, find happiness
July 2, 2017
If you turn on the news today, or any given day, you are likely to see an endless stream of horrific, mindboggling stories of violence, disasters, corruption, terrorism, etc. In the midst of...
How to stop frustrations getting to you
How to stop frustrations getting to you
June 2, 2017
There is an infinite number of daily frustrations. Traffic jams, a less than pleasant interaction with your neighbor, a deadline approaching too quickly can all chip away from the greatness ...
May 2, 2017
Do you spend a ton of time contemplating how badly situations can turn out? If so, it sounds like you’re probably a bit of a pessimist. In your mind’s eye, you probably picture the world cra