Balefire Goods: An Artisan Jewelry Gallery

The artisan jewelry gallery Balefire Goods hosted a pop-up shop for Marigold Shadows, a clothing designer based in Los Angeles. Their designs are statement pieces, both funky and bold with interesting lines and shapes.  It was a pleasure to feature these magnificent pieces in honor of Marigold Shadow's Denver debut. I'm wearing the Augustini striped twirl top with the Augustini flare pants.  This versatile swirl top can be worn with its skirt flowing with movement, or belted for an entirely different feel.  There's nothing like having several outfits in one! Balefire Goods, the host of this fun-filled pop-op, is an
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October's Hat Attack is the red Cocktail Parasol Hat by hat maker, artist, and designer HEIDILEE. HEIDILEE is a RISD graduate and recipient of the 2012 MET Museum Costume Institute Accessory Design Award, H E I D I L E E is a NYC-based artist and designer whose hats have featured in VOGUE, V, W, Visionaire, Dazed & Confused, MTV, SHOWstudio, NYT, New York Magazine, The Creators Project, etc. Exhibitions include The National Centre for Craft and Design (UK) "The World is Your Dressing Up Box" and MAD Museum’s “MAD Biennial: 100 Makers that manifest the cultural capital of NYC." Her clientele include Anne Hathaway, Madonna, G-Dragon, Lady Gaga,
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With today's post I'm honored to be partnering with Artful Home, which is part art gallery, part art fair, part online marketplace.  Artful Home seeks out the most exceptional works of fine art for your wardrobe and your home, while representing almost exclusively North American artists—some of the most accomplished makers working today in the USA and Canada. Most artwork is shipped directly from their studios to your home.  Launched as The Guild in 1985, Artful Home has been successfully connecting artists and art lovers for over 30 years. Photos above by Jenna Westbrook I chose diverse locations at City Park
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I've been in NYC having a wonderful time and have fallen behind on blogging.  The photos in this post were taken before my trip, as I embraced the waning days of summer. And now it's the beginning of fall and the transition of seasons is undeniable.  My straw hats are giving way to felt and the hat room is in disarray in the midst of its biannual transformation. I began this composition with the duster that I purchased at a retail sale about two years ago and paired it with polka dots.  Could it be true that polka dots are
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Have you ever walked into a store and had the feeling that you were in a special space? That you were surrounded by beauty and a sense of wonder?  A store that felt like a gallery, yet warm, welcoming, and inviting? This is what happened when I entered Barbara and Company, a local clothing boutique with locations in Denver’s Washington Park area and in Boulder. Owned by Kathy King, the store is a reflection of her creativity and dedication.  I believe that I’ve found a woman who is as passionate about beautiful and unique clothing as I am about hats!
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September's Hat Attack features a headpiece by Anya Caliendo HERE, which has a story associated with its place in the hat room.  I follow Anya's breathtaking gallery on Instagram and have been aware of her talent for a long time.  When I first saw a photo of this headpiece on her feed, it caught my gaze immediately.  Her caption, "Some hats are meant for mourning," added to its allure.  There is headwear for any occasion, and since death is a part of life, it's a reality that should not be ignored or considered taboo. Later on Instagram, Anya posted about
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A Reminder That Life Can Turn On A Dime

Recently I experienced a reminder that life can quickly turn on a dime.  About two months ago I sprained my ankle during a photo shoot at Cheesman Park.  With this post I returned to the scene of the crime, with my sprain mostly healed and my mobility restored. It seems like a small thing compared to the pain and the tragic circumstances that I have witnessed over the years. In no way do I intend to minimize the severe injuries or illnesses of others. After all, a sprained ankle is fixable and healing is imminent. It wasn't life or death
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With this post I have the honor of featuring the gifted Blue Squares parasol by Lily-Lark HERE. Though I'm an ardent fan of headwear, this parasol provides another glorious option for sun protection.  After all, since large brims don't always provide shade for the entire face are not usually my first choice of head beautification, as portrayed in these photos, this gorgeous parasol is a welcome and stylish addition to my accessory collection. Handmade by artisans with custom printed fabrics and bamboo frames in Chiang Mai,Thailand HERE, the Lily-Lark parasol is produced in the "Parasol capital of the world." Who knew
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NEWS FLASH!  I am thrilled and honored to be included in Jo Weldon's new book hot off the press, FIERCE, The History of Leopard Print. Jo included a photo of The Style Crone in the chapter, "A Brief History of Vintage Clothing."  I've been in love with leopard print, since the 1970's, when I began wearing and collecting vintage. I have leopard print everything: hats, clothing, jewelry, shoes, and it can be seen throughout my home adorning pillows, rugs, chair coverings, and on and on.  It has been popular in every era that I've experienced during my life, and I don't see
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Hat Attack #61: DeAnna Gibbons Millinery

Wherever I travel I always search out milliners.  My trip to San Francisco with Mr. J in June was no exception.  I discovered DeAnna Gibbons HERE, milliner extraordinaire, and spent several hours in her studio enthralled by her exquisite headwear, her artistry, and her kind and generous response to my visit. The headpiece named “Pinkie," a hand-draped parisisal straw with chenille edging on velvet headband, immediately caught my attention. It now has its special perch in the hat room, and has already made an appearance in Denver when I was interviewed by the Daily Blast Live, a national TV show

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It gives me great pleasure to mix pieces from my travels, both home and away.  Vintage with contemporary. Disparate countries and regions of origin.  Contrasting colors and textures. Discovering what somehow fits together in a composition is both challenging and meditative. Sometimes ideas come to me in yoga or spontaneously pop into my mind as I wander through the rooms of my home and my closets. My entire home has become my studio and for now, it fits for me. Creativity is my drug of choice. On a hot and windy day in Denver, Daniel and I traveled to the
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303 Magazine and the Power of Intergenerational Relationships

Earlier this week I was honored by a piece in 303 Magazine HERE , a Denver lifestyle, fashion, culture and entertainment publication published by 303 Mixed Media Agency. 303 provides daily original content across the social web to its audience, and has been in the publishing business for over 14 years. The article was written by the extraordinary, talented and beautiful Karysma Hicks @karysmadanae who I met at an event earlier this year.  I thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Karysma , which along with the photos published in this post, are included in the piece in the magazine. Karysma is 22,

Traveling With Intention

I love traveling with Mr. J.  We explore new cities and countries together in harmony, seeking out diversity and the beauty of the areas that we visit. I find that it expands my understanding of differences and exposes me to new people, cultures, and lifestyles. Below I've compiled a list of the gifts that travel provides.  You may have other benefits that you've experienced in your life which I would love if you would share in the comments below. Improves social and communication skills. Creates memories. Helps you achieve original and creative thoughts. Broadens your horizons. Enhances your tolerance for
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Hat Attack #60: Carrie Jenkinson Millinery

July's Hat Attack is a stunning piece of wearable art by the talented Carrie Jenkinson of Carrie Jenkinson Millinery HERE based in the UK. This wonderful rainbow feather fascinator headpiece mounted onto a millinery headband is the perfect festive accessory for a special event. This headpiece is the definition of "show stopper."  Or "show starter," which might be a better description! Carrie Jenkinson's Biography Carrie Jenkinson Millinery is a Wiltshire-based fashion design company that was officially established in 2011 by Carrie Jenkinson. The fashion designer has achieved a lot within such short period of time and her beautifully designed and created
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The Kate Spade Bag

The news of Kate Spade's death by suicide saddened me for days.  Then came the account of Anthony Bourdain's death by the same cause and my sorrow intensified.  Two incredibly talented and accomplished stars were gone from the planet forever.  The loss of their brightness cast a long shadow across my internal landscape. Several years ago I discovered this green Kate Spade bag at a consignment shop. It has flourished in my bag collection. I have enjoyed the bright color, size, and shape of its high quality leather. I suspect it will always be with me.  This piece of art
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An Estate Sale Adventure

During the month of April I was driving on my way to visit a friend when I happened upon an estate sale sign, which took me off my intended path for a few blocks.  As I reached my destination and entered the beautifully designed space of the sale location, I was rewarded with several rooms of clothing that fit me perfectly.  As you can imagine, I contacted my friend to tell her that I would be late. I learned from the estate sale company which was managing the sale that the woman who lived in the house had died. I
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The Yellow Feather Hat At Union Station

It was a cold and rainy day in Denver and Union Station was the place to be.  It gave me the opportunity to wear boots, which will most likely be the last time before summer's heat takes me into sandals and slides.  These beauties by the German company Trippen make me feel elevated and called for this vintage yellow feather hat with wisps of black. This chapeau has been calling to me since it was gifted by a wonderful and generous woman during a holiday season a year and a half ago.  I was thrilled when I received it and
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June's Hat Attack is a handdyed ombre parisisol top hat which milliner and creative genius Cha Cha HERE designed in collaboration with Andria, one of the owners at Salmagundi HERE, a wonderful hat shop in Boston. The top hat is trimmed with a navy blue satin ribbon, natural peacock swords and handmade straw swizzles. The crown is hand sculpted to give it a bit more undulation. As a fan of top hats, I can't wait to wear this out to dinner or to a party. I've adored Cha Cha's designs for years, and her distinctive style is very recognizable. This new
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The Visit With Jean Of Dross Into Gold

  A few weeks ago Mr. J and I traveled to Atlanta where he was presenting at a conference. It was my first time in this beautiful city and I had the good fortune of visiting my gorgeous and talented friend, blogger and voice over artist Jean of Dross Into Gold HERE (on Instagram).  As I've mentioned before on Style Crone, Jean was the first blogger that I met shortly after launching my blog in 2011. As we walked through Jean's home, where she lives with her musician husband Joey, filled with art and the garments that she has upcycled
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The Collaboration With Two Sole Sisters

  Have you ever walked into a store and had the feeling that you were in a special space? That you were surrounded by beauty and a sense of wonder?  A store that felt like a gallery, yet warm, welcoming, and inviting? This is what happened when I entered Two Sole Sisters HERE , a shoe boutique with locations in Denver's Washington Park area and in Boulder. Owned by sisters Lindsey and Laurel Tate, the store is a reflection of their creativity and dedication.  I believe that I've found two women who are as passionate about shoes as I am
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