Christian Therapy for Individuals, Couples, and Families

In God's Hands is a professional counseling center located in the Texas Hill Country that is successfully helping individuals, couples, and families achieve change in their lives on a daily basis.

We believe that people can, and will, grow and overcome adversity given the sensitive and empathic assistance to do so in an environment free of judgment and shame. We value who you are and recognize your courage in seeking a counselor.

We emphasize the uniqueness of each person through genuine, compassionate, and accepting interaction. We value you and see our therapeutic role as that of instructor, guide, mentor and advocate. We will unconditionally accept who you are and what problems you bring in a sensitive, compassionate manner.

We are professionals and possess significant and varied expertise that benefit children, couples and individuals.


In God's Hands Christian Counceling Center believe in a collaborative relationship where your autonomy is respected and encouraged. My staff respects your ability, readiness, and willingness to change and will work with you to accomplish that change in your life.

Our group is in the process of adding a new Therapist and Interns.

For more information about our Center or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (830) 890-5823 or (210) 364-4511.